Nuclear Saber Rattling

kim jong unWhat if kim jong un thinks his role in history is to ignite the cold war and provoke both sides to finish it? Is he really just trying to get attention by saber rattling with nuclear weapons?  Is this that simple?

In my lifetime only once did any country dare to threaten our safety with nuclear weapons. The Cuban missile crisis ended when our President said here is the line, cross it and you’ve got an all out war.

Korea wasn’t the last location that Communism and Capitalism clashed on a major scale; it was in Vietnam unless I am mistaken. In Asia, Capitalism fought to a stalemate in Korea, and lost in Vietnam. Is it any wonder that kim jong un is emboldened?

Is it possible that kim jong un’s goal is really to deal Capitalism its second defeat? What he thinks will be a final defeat? What if he thinks his role is to provoke a nuclear war between China and the US? What if the crazy little bastard really thinks his role is to sacrifice his people on the headstone of Capitalism?

This youngster owns nuclear weapons and is threatening to use them. He has control of a powerful army. I wonder if he is really one in control; after all, with powerful generals in the shadows behind him, kim jong un may not be the man we’re really threatened by at all.