On Odd Vagaries of Human Behavior

A story caught my ear today on the news.  It was about a group of young students who travelled from Oregon to China for a vacation study trip.  It seems that some of the students carried the H1N1 virus – swine flu – and the entire group was quarantined two separate times during their stay in China.

It made me think again about the whole global warming issue.  Why, I have been thinking, are we ready to take immediate and concrete steps toward protecting our lives from a known threat in the form of a flu virus, yet be so slow to respond to what we are told could be the end of mankind in global warming?

It is puzzling to me as I sit here within earshot of the still busy freeway (at 10PM) and with jets from the local airport blasting overhead on their way to all four corners of the globe.

I wonder what I am missing in the debate, I am wondering what the debate is all about and why some people would choose to side with inertia.  Would these people likewise choose not to take the vaccine for the flu? Will anyone mount a bike as quickly as they’d don a mask?

It’s a puzzlement to me.  If global warming is real, and if it is caused by man, and if it is going to cause many people and species to die, then by comparison these extreme reactions to the flu almost seem a bit penny wise and pound foolish, do they not?