Pimples, Volcanos and Earthquakes

I’ve heard that global warming might be causing the weather-related problems.  So let me put a little more spice in the soup here.  What if global warming is causing the earthquakes and resultant tsunamis too. 

STAY WITH ME HERE PEOPLE…I can hear the mouse clicks from here as you flee to the Tea Party home page.

OK, so, here’s my theory and I think it’s BRILLIANT and I haven’t heard anyone suggest it yet so remember you heard it here first and I want my Nobel prize for brilliant blogging as soon as the ash stops falling on Sweden.

SO, the ice is melting on the caps and all that weight on the ends of the earth is shifting to the oceans.  This means that the middle has more mass and therefore more gravity pressing it inward while the poles have less mass and therefore less gravity.  It’s like an old fat guy with a belt that’s too tight, there’s pressure see.  So the stress on all of the faults is changing and the plates are rearranging like the belly folds on the old fat guy above and below the cinch line. 

VOILA!  Earthquakes as the plates get squeezed in a north – south direction and the plates overlap more to accommodate the squeeze.  How else do you explain the volcano popping off in Iceland than the obvious equator tightening effect of shifting water mass toward mid-hemisphere?  The volcano is just a big earth pimple being popped!

BRILLIANT!  Nobel PRIZE, Times Person of the Year, Science Weekly, and AARP Cover Boy.  I am expecting an honorary degree from MIT for this one.

Thank you, thank you, and remember, you heard it at Cranky Blog first!