Pine Sawyer Beetle (Ergates spiculatus) and other species

My aunt and I found this dead Pine Sawyer beetle along the shore of Paradise Lake near my uncle’s memorial bench.

The Madrone trees around the lake are shedding their bark now.


The view from my uncle’s bench.  The brown haze is lingering smoke from all the fires.

Wildlife is everywhere around the lake.  We ecountered a deer and this turtle plus some small working insects like this bumble bee.

3 Replies to “Pine Sawyer Beetle (Ergates spiculatus) and other species”

  1. Your pine sawyer beetle is not a pine sawyer (Ergates spiculatus). It is a California Pironus, (Pironus californicus). This particular insect has habits very similar to the sawyer, however their antenna are different, as are the spines on the side of the thorax. It is also approx half an inch smaller in size.

  2. Thanks for the correction Mike! It’s been a long time since I took field biology and my skills at identification are a little dormant!

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