Poverty is the Real Danger

Think about an Egyptian or a Libyan scale uprising here in the good old USA. What would it look like? What would trigger such a revolt?

A picture of bullets.I’ve been thinking about that question lately.  There is at least one HUGE difference between the US and Libya: our citizens own guns and ammunition.  If a month from now, a million people were starving and out of work and really angry about that, we could be in for BIG trouble because a lot of people are heavily armed in this country.

We have limited restrictions on owning guns. You can go to a gun store and buy a 50 caliber gun, a miniature cannon. I’ve seen them in the past.  They are formidable weapons and frightening.

So I worry about this country for a few reasons.

1. Our governments (state and federal) are broke and need to cut deeply to stay afloat.  This will create increased unemployment and decreased economic activity at a time when we can afford neither.  Yet, both are unavoidable from what I can see.

2. Global credit could get tighter and more expensive causing our government to spend more on interest in its massive borrowing and less on the people.  I.e., less spending, less employment.

3. What will we the people do in the face of such adversity?  Who will rise up to lead us through this storm? I do not hear anyone even preparing us for a storm coming. I like to watch the weather on TV so I know if I should bring an umbrella along to work. Where is our economic weather man?  I do not hear all the so-called experts predicting the economic weather for us at all. It makes me VERY nervous.

I hope I am playing the role of Chicken Little in this post.  But I wonder and I worry. I have little faith in the government when I see a continuation of the bitter,divisive, partisanship that has dominated the politics and prevented real answers in this country for decades now.

If justice is blind then where is the accountability for the Wall Street Pirates who plundered the people twice, once in mortgages and a second time in the government bail-out? I fear their accountability for them. I fear that it is coming. I fear it will be a reckoning we all should fear. 

When the establishment does not resolve broad and far-reaching wrongs, the people often take matters into their own hands in history. Let them eat cake indeed, but Marie did not have to answer to a mob armed with AK’s and Ouzis.

Congress is holding hearings on Muslim terrorists at the moment.  I wonder if that’s not missing the point of the world entirely, that it’s poverty that causes people to go to extremes. Often the poor are led and manipulated by the false promises of wealthy and deviant people.

Where is the Bob Dillon of this generation?  Where is Carol King?  Where are the Simon and Garfunkel of these difficult times?  I don’t understand why someone has not emerged yet in the role of popular poet as we saw in the 1960’s. Surely the times are calling for a new folk singer who can present the emotion of the times. We need someone to express what we’re feeling in song before it’s expressed in some other way.