Rainy Sunday

Intelligent design.  So, Christians (myself included) believe that things are created.  I mean, for me at least, it makes sense.  Even if you believe that God may STILL be creating (I’ve never imagined that God was lazy – or – satisfied with us), then where is the proof that He is creating?

I saw this week that a new sort of human ancestor was discovered in South Africa.  The fossils represented some new link in between the monkeys and humans.  If I believe that God created and continues to do so, and if he does, then this find isn’t surprising except in the fact that it took so long to come to light.  Thank goodness for Google Earth.

I have been watching as I walk around for signs of new creations.  Haven’t seen one yet, but perhaps it’s about to happen, and this possibility keeps me vigilant at all times.  Makes me wonder how we will know.  Will there be heraldic music?  Will there be astro-credits over a manger?  What exactly does God DO when HE creates something new?  There has to be a grand opening of sorts I would think.  Perhaps I am too ignorant, but I would think at the very least the scientists standing by as the egg is hatched would be trumpeting the arrival of a new species of Rhode Island Red or whatever.  They would say HERE, Here is your proof of evolution.  Just as I would think that some scientist would be standing in the surf at Malibu with a yard stick measuring the depth of the water saying  SEE!?  Here is your bloody proof that global warming is real.  (As opposed to Al Gore standing in a six foot snow drift in Washington DC)

So, I am lost in ambiguous magnanimity.  I don’t know if people are created or simply appear randomly constructed out of some genetic atmospheric soup.  It is a mystery to me as a frail, ignorant, and somewhat dull human.  I wish someone would explain all these mysteries to me in no uncertain terms like a five year old.  But they would still have to justify their explanation with my experience of the world, which grows each day of my already-extended life span.

Brings me to the debate about whether being GAY is natural since the Bible says it is sin.  Does the influence of the Devil begin when people are mere children?  Do Christians believe that God’s design exclude people who desire people of their own gender?  Do Christians believe that the Devil influences children at 8 years old or younger to “know” something about themselves that God didn’t intend?

I don’t know the answers; if I did, I’d be God.