Redistribution of Wealth

I note the lack of a key anti-liberal theme in all the talk about the massive government bailout.  I am not hearing conservatives call the bailout anything resembling a “redistribution of wealth”.  The lack of this term is troubling because it tells me that all the wealth that was distributed was given to the elite.  If it were not, the conservative right would be howling about the socialistic tendencies of the Obama’s bailout plan.

It is similarly disturbing that there is no such rhetoric being bandied about regarding the health care issue.  There isn’t anyone saying that setting up health care for all of us is a redistribution of wealth.  Perhaps the closest item to that is the so-called “public option” which seems to be treated by both sides as a bargaining chip that neither takes very seriously at this point.

So my point in all of this is where is the real liberal here?  Is Obama the virulent socialist that the pathologically paranoid extreme Right seem see?  If so then where is their proof?  Why aren’t they wailing about where the money went instead of how much of it went out?  Why aren’t they decrying the fact that so many small businesses and poor people benefited from the bailout money while the wealthiest Americans are suffering so terribly with their pockets picked? 

I believe it’s because Obama is not much more liberal in substance than GW Bush was.  It’s because the Obama is bowing to a system fundamentally set up to benefit those in power and those with money – often one and the same – and that’s just the way things are.  If it weren’t working that way, then where are the criticisms of “redistribution of wealth?”  The only redistribution I see is sucking it out of the lower echelon and drawing it osmosis-like up into the bank accounts of the wealthiest among us.  Houses are worth nothing and people are still going into foreclosure in droves.  People with money are buying up properties as rentals; and their former owners, people who bought at the peak of the bubble and then lost their jobs and their homes will be the serfs, renters, once again. 

So in the end there is no national conservative lamentation about redistribution of wealth because there is a redistribution of wealth occurring but it isn’t from the top down, it’s from the bottom up.