Right Wing Wack Jobs

It is quite possible that Paul Ryan will end up bailing out of the job before he takes it. I think that Boehner bailing and the Ryan demand for unity is part of a strategy (I hope it is not a reaction). I think the moderate Republicans are implementing a desperate strategy to break the backs of the conservative right. I think either that Ryan is never going to take the job so the right will be called out in their own party as obstructionist, or that the evil right bastards will fall in line.
If the evil right wins, Republicans lose. If the Republicans lose, we all lose. We do not need a one party system. Republicans need to isolate the wackos with their 50 caliber weapons on a wilderness resort in Idaho, in spite of their money. But we will see if moderates win out. If not I think that we’re all in serious danger. A one party system is a dictatorship no matter who is in charge. Republican right wingers are FUCKING up the Republic.