Senators are Choking on Gun Smoke

MusketteersApparently the NRA has quite a choke hold on the Senate, or should I say a gun to their head?

I can’t fathom how conducting a background check on someone buying a gun is a bad idea.

I can’t understand how a background check for an instrument of death infringes on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

I know from talking to people that buying a gun is easy. A guy I met who was an immigrant bought a hand gun from a store in Oregon. No problem he told me; but it was a problem, because people here on green cards are not allowed to own a hand gun. I don’t know if there is a hole in the background checks that are in place, or if a gun shop owner just bypasses the system to make a buck.

But the Senators who argued against the check legislation asserted that doing checks won’t solve a tragedy like Sandy Hook. They’re right, checks would not have stopped that lunatic mother from buying a bunch of guns for her disturbed son to kill with. But I don’t agree that this is a reason to vote against.

Background checks for gun owners are a good thing unless we want anyone and everyone to be able to buy a gun. That is the situation we have.

I always find it comic to listen to politicians who say that solution A which they voted down is not as good as solutions X,Y and Z which they assert is where the effort should be focused.

It’s funny to me because they are the people in a position to write legislation to enact solutions X,Y and Z which they have not done and have not even talked about until A hit the table.

Gun smoke and mirrors and alphabet soup for the soul-less.

The truth I see is that the NRA bought the vote. Nobody I’ve talked to about this issue thinks background checks are a bad idea for gun shows and online purchases.

Not one.

Obama is and should be angry. His team failed.