Signs of the Apocolypse

cranky signs of the apocolypseHere are the signs I witnessed myself:

1. Gas cost me 3.73 per gallon this morning and yesterday afternoon I saw it for $3.59

2. On my walk I saw a sign posted at the entrance to a shopping center parking lot that read, “Auto Title Loans” with a right-facing arrow in red lettering on a white field.  That’s desperate even for a loan shark, kind of a reverse car loan.

3. On my travels today, I witnessed a fight over a baseball hat, numerous homeless people pushing shopping carts, and various people wandering aimlessly.  Now this may sound like a subjective observation and to a degree you would be correct; however, I have been taking the same walk over the same two miles for two years and the change in the landscape of my walk over those two years is dramatic.  There are lots of people today walking along the street who look homeless, disenfranchised, or dangerous. This was not the case two years ago.  I’m not sure if there’s a shift in the homeless population or if the population is simply booming, but along the route of my walk through the middle of town, the scene has changed dramatically.

4. A friend of mine owned a cabin in Lake Tahoe where the big fire happened in 2007.  Her cabin burned to the ground.  Some of her neighbors sold their property after the fire.  A neighbor sold her property for $179,000.  My friend recently had her lot reappraised and it’s now worth $44,000, less than 25% of the value immediately after the fire in 2007.

Photo Credit – Jakub Sopicki