Small Spiny Egos

foxy girlsmallBarack Obama said Kamala Harris is good looking, then pundit bowels everywhere convulsed with simultaneous delight.

These small spiny egos spewing their self-purging effluent cannot get over being butt-ugly and/or having no redeeming quality that could ever merit a compliment.

This compliment proves our President can see.

Yet, warped people seek to turn his compliment into a device of suppression representative of a larger systemic suppression of female ambition and God-given rights to equal treatment and opportunity.

It is true that an erection compliments a woman’s beauty while ignoring her genius. But erections rise before beauty, not by a stance on immigration.

Should pundits not wait to defend a person they believe is aggrieved, until that person says they are aggrieved?

Neither should give a rip about the pundits. But Obama may have to some explaining to do with Mrs. Obama.

The end.