Taking an Election Break

I don’t know about you, but the long slow burning acidity of the presidential election that has me so turned off It tempts me to vote third party. The last thread of faith in the system that Obama touched to get my vote, that last careworn string that survived JFK, RFK, MLK, Vietnam, Watergate, Reaganomics, Bill Clinton, The Crash, The bailouts, the other bailouts, the lies behind the Iraq war, the leaks showing the surveillance and lies behind everything, the thread snapped and I am  at long last falling down and out of enchantment with our political system.

This presidential election has brutalized everyone I know. Nobody likes it, nobody can believe it, nobody likes the candidates, nobody appreciates what they do to each other, nobody appreciates what’s being done to the country, the opposition, the voters, etc.

Nobody likes the lying sleazy surrogates on every channel who change candidates like dirty underwear, who say horrid things about the opposition and then move on to work for them when their guy got booted from the race, who sit there and lie, lie, lie through their teeth without compunction, and all of this lack of character, backbone, principles, morals, all the deception and lies for money. They are a disgusting, wretched group of sycophants. If, going forward, I can’t watch cable news without their lying dead eyes looking out at me nightly like I am some simpleton too stupid to know they’re saying the candidate didn’t say something when I heard their candidate say it with my very own ears, and I saw the rancid putridity emerge from their mouths with my very own eyes, then I won’t watch cable news, ever again. I won’t miss it either.

The political system is a friggin’ mess so I boycotted cable news about 3 weeks ago and started watching sitcoms. I am a lot happier. I boycotted Twitter about 4 weeks ago. I tuned out and turned off.

The only thing I’ll tune in for is the first debate between Donald J. Trump and Hillary R. Clinton but if it is more of the same, I won’t watch the last two. I know who I am not voting for and that’s all I need to know.

Democrats and Republicans are to blame for this mess. I blame the presidential mess more on Trump and the GOP. But it is the job of both parties to make the 2 party system work. It isn’t working. If they can’t make it work NOW because they’re too painted into their ideological corners, then “we the people” need to dump them all and start over. “We the people” get along just fine most of the time.