The Wall of Great Distraction: Part II

I must say that Jerry Brown employs some pretty fast-working spin masters.

The increased tax revenue suddenly created a hole in his argument for more taxes so he needed to create a new one.

To quote Dr. Suess from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, “But, you know, that old Grinch was so smart and so slick. He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick!”

Faced with the PR disaster in which the increases in tax revenue erased his powerful argument that school children would suffer without the tax increases, Jerry Brown gathered his team around the picnic table and this is what they came up with, “We’ll spin our insatiable need for more public money into ‘The Great Wall of Debt.'”

Wow, nice smoke and mirrors, but at this point he and his team are just throwing stuff against the wall of public disdain for government overspending and hoping it will stick.

Instead, the first thing the Governor could do is take away the extra 3 billion earmarked for the California Teachers’ Association next year and reduce the deficit by that amount.  Then he could go to work hacking away at the general budget guarantees on the retirement systems of public employees, and at the guaranteed contribution to those pension funds that is above and beyond their salary.  In the case of teachers, the public contributes another 8.25% on top of their annual salary to the retirement system.

Employed and unemployed people in the private sector cannot be blinded by bullshit like “The Great Wall of Debt” this time.  We are the ones suffering the brunt of the economic downturn, there are no public coffers  to bail us out and the bad news for Jerry Brown is that there’s no public goodwill toward state government overspending.

In spite of the lack of public will to increase spending, Jerry Brown and the unions are yet demanding that all of us pay out of pocket to help politicians avoid making the cuts they must. The President of the CTA even got arrested in the Capitol last week, even as Jerry was about to announce that MORE money would be coming to schools next year than this year (i.e., union contract negotiations can proceed at full tilt to soak it all up).  Talk about someone missing a memo!

I don’t know about all of you, but if the state budget is still out of balance, I believe it is simply because the legislators have not made enough cuts.

Cut, cut, cut and balance the sucker.  I will not be voting for any tax increases Mr. Governor.