The Sucker Formula : Federal Budget Reductions

I have a bone to pick with politicians and with everyone who is out there wringing their hands about what’s going to happen with the budget battles. Stop wringing your hands and get out your checkbook.

Forgive me if this comes across as cynical, but I say it’s all about BUYING influence. 

Politicians do the work of those who pay for their campaigns.  I ask you, how much money did you contribute to ANY politician in the last national campaign? How many zeros on your check?

That’s X.

Next, calculate how much you raised for any politician’s campaign from other people? Did you gather 30 people on your yacht at $1000 per and give a nice check to a politician? 

That’s Y

Now calculate whether the candidate you supported won the election.

That’s either an exponent of +2 or -2.

Now calculate the amount of money you donated to the candidate’s party and/or foundation.

That’s F.

So, if X = 0, and Y = 0, and for the sake of argument let’s make the exponent +2, and if F=0, here is the sum total of your influence.

(0x0)2 x 0 = 0

That is correct, you have zero influence.  ZERO-ZIP-BUPKUS

You have no hope of lower taxes, higher income, or receiving the services you deserve from the government because you have no influence.  You haven’t paid for it, CHUMP.

So what do you get?  You get Ryan’s plan.  Pay the rich, tax the middle, and rape the poor. Why?  Because the rich are paying for influence while the middle class struggle to hold on to a slim vision of being upper middle class and while the poor simply struggle.  Neither class donates enough to buy influence.

None of these politicians on either side will talk about reducing military spending because it feeds the bank accounts of the wealthy.  They pay for that influence. Why are we tossing bombs on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya?  Because it buys bombs. It certainly is not keeping oil prices down which would be a benefit to America. It is even hard to argue at this point that it is about keeping America safe from another 911.  I mean come on, the TSA is frisking 6 year old girls for explosives. How low is the terrorism risk level if the most suspicious suspects in airports are first graders with little mermaid blinky-light sneakers? Are we now officially at risk level frilly pink?

But military industry buys influence, the oil industry buys influence, Wall Street buys influence, YOU people do not with your little teensy-tiny $10 online donation. They want your money but they aren’t going to return your phone calls.

CHUMPS! Figure it out already. You don’t have the money to buy influence so the system isn’t set up to favor what you want!