The World Didn’t End So We Have To Work It Out

clothing pinsI woke up this morning, December 22, 2012.

The day after the day the world was rumored to end.

I spent this day scrubbing the bath tub and tile with a brush and an old toothbrush. I used a bucket to soak the bottom of the shower curtain in bleach because it tends to start growing that gross pink mildew that I am certain would be labeled as a miracle of creation by some biologist. The miracle of creation has been melted away.

I did laundry. I learned that the Laundromat I liked to go to is now deemed an unsafe building by the city of Sacramento and is closed. I could have told them it was unsafe, on a number of levels including the parade of characters who passed through, took baths in the washroom, and dried their rain-soaked clothing in the dryers. Homeless people don’t have a lot of options to dry out and this place was one of them. It’s gone now and I imagine that a bunch of homeless people are going to be battling mildew now in their suitcase that they live out of.

I went to the grocery store and picked up a few items and I took a long walk.

My world went on just as it did every other Saturday in my adult life. After Connecticut, I was really thinking it would be better if it did end yesterday.

But the world didn’t end…so here we are and the question is what do we do next?