Time with Friends is Priceless

friends and beerI visited with my doctor this week about some pain in my hip.  I’ve been experiencing this pain for some time and last year when I saw this same doctor for a physical he told me that he thought it was arthritis.  A year later the pain was worse so I decided that I needed some answers to what it was and how to deal with it.  The doctor stuck by his diagnosis and sent me for an x-ray (which I don’t have the results of yet).  I bring this up because if the doctor is right, it’s a sure sign that my body is aging.  I don’t want him to be right. 

I want the pain to be caused by something like an old football injury, or an old fishing injury, anything except an infirmity that means I am experiencing the pains of old-age at the age of 51.  I plan to live a long time, I have lots to do, and I don’t want to live with the pain I’ve been experiencing for the next 70 years.  I want an answer and I want a cure.  Modern medicine owes that to me, I’ve paid it lots of money.  I want my youth to be extended until about the last 8 hours of my life.

I spent the evening with a couple of young friends today at my favorite place to drink beer in Sacramento.  For that matter, I’ve discovered no better place to drink beer in all my travels around America than the Rubicon Brewery on Capitol Avenue at 20th in Midtown Sacramento.

I say Rubicon is the best for two reasons, first is the beer is excellent.  Their IPA – admittedly a West Coast-style IPA – is second to none that I’ve tasted.  I can’t drink that much of it mostly because the strong hops cause me stomach trouble.  But it’s DELICIOUS.  I favor their CZECH Pilsner these days because it’s also excellent and easier on an old man’s stomach.

I got there late, but before my friends, and I ordered a Pilsner.  Sitting there reading the Sacramento News and Review (an article about a woman who has plans to create ten new Charter Schools in Sacramento) an acquaintance threw a napkin at me to get my attention and we had a nice conversation for a short while about football.  He’s a nice man, a Vietnam Vet, and a salesman about my age.

That’s what I love about the place.  It’s friendly.  It’s a Cheers-style neighborhood bar where everyone is accessible (some you may wish were not so much) and the atmosphere is noisy, busy, and everything they serve tastes good.

Sometimes, I must admit, I am blissfully distracted by the attractive young waitresses who are so kind, gentle and nice to me, not to mention very pretty.  I enjoy their attention and they probably enjoy my tips which I always go overboard on.  The bartenders are friendly and personable. They remember your name and what you like to drink.

My friends and I had a good time at Rubicon.  We talked and laughed and I enjoyed their company and in spite of the difference in our ages, me being old enough to be either of their parent.  They seem to enjoy my company too.  I feel blessed by them and I treasure our time together.  They’re nice young people, involved in interesting activities and careers, and they’ve managed to retain their positive youthful attitudes.  I find many people my age have lost their optimism leaving them sullen and cynical.  I don’t feel that way, and I still want to experience a positive outlook in my life which is why these young people are so wonderful as friends.