What if it was Purposeful?

I know it may be fanciful in the eyes of the RIGHT to suggest that politicians are careful about what they say, especially in new conferences. But what IF John  Kerry threw out that bait about Syria giving up its chemical weapons on purpose?

What if the state department was poised to deny the validity of the offer?

What if this was don’t to offer Putin cover making It look like it was HIS idea instead of an offer from the US to avoid bombing – which if it came from the US Putin and agreed he’d look weak?

What if this was done in exchange for progress on stopping Iran from developing a nuclear bomb? Is this the reason for the new President coming forward?

What if Russia’s main interest in the Syrian conflict was to maintain their military base in Tartus, Syria and they agreed to pressure both Assad and Iran to compromise in order to maintain that position?

What if everything that’s happening in the public eye is driven by back room negotiations and planning?

If you find this harder to believe than John Kerry tossing out some ad lib’d answer in one of the most serious press conferences he’s ever been involved in, you my friend are a damned fool.