Where’s the Outrage?

  • angry guy250Chinese military hackers are waging a cyber war against US society. I’m sure we’re engaging with them, and I hope we’re winning.
    • Our government is nervous or why would they be airing the grievance instead of quietly obliterating them electronically?
  • Obama is giving speeches. Republicans are giving speeches. Radio hosts are puling.
    • And, nothing is getting done in Washington as usual.
  • No bankers were charged, convicted and sent to jail over the mortgage scandal.
    • I wonder how that happens?
  • Gasoline prices have skyrocketed this year. No valid reason is given for it.
    • Per our president, we’re producing more domestic oil than we have in 15 years.
    • But “drill baby drill” has not lowered prices.
    • The war in Iraq did not lower prices.
    • Higher efficiency cars using less gas did not bring the price down.
  • Maybe gasoline prices have nothing to do with free market capitalism.
    • We’re all puppets on strings, directly controlled by the oil industry.
  • Where is the outrage in this country over anything? Are we so tame and domesticated that nothing will ever again spark protest?
    • Why are our young people so silent and unseen?
  • Maybe it’s simple, where there are no morals, there’s no longer capacity for moral outrage.

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