Who the Hell Voted For Trump?

Trump won. I can’t believe that almost half the voters in America chose him. Even in liberal California, one in three voters cast their vote for Trump. I’ve been noodling this ever since the results came in, much like the majority of voters in the election.

Since the election, I find myself passing other middle-aged white people and looking them in the eye, and they look back at me, and I think I can read their mind, are you a Trump voter? We all want to know who voted for him, we want to understand. It would really help me if they’d just wear their red hats in public.

I have to confess that there is some small part of me that feels perversely comforted by the thought of Trump in the White House, some part of the white male bias in me thinks Trump kind of gets what I get, that we’re on the same team, which is a totally unexpected and aberrant feeling and hits my stomach like a bout of food poisoning coming on.

As I walked this fine fall day through the falling leaves under blue skies and cool temperatures, I wondered who among my fellow walkers in the Farmer’s Market voted for Trump, and WHY.

Here is where my mind went.

  1. Bernie Voters Did Not Vote for Trump, They Pushed Their Parents into Voting for Him

I keep hearing pundits saying that Bernie’s people wanted change since Bernie was out, they voted for Trump instead. While there may be a few schizophrenic anarchists who could justify voting for a candidate that is the polar opposite of Sanders, I sincerely doubt that many of Bernie’s younger voters cast a vote for Trump. The pundits claim this is what happened but I doubt it. What makes more sense to me is that independent voters, white middle class voters, were pushed toward Trump because of Bernie’s positions and Bernie’s impact on Hillary’s positions. Bernie pushed a socialist agenda, some of which Hillary was forced to parrot in order to try to hang on to the Bernie voters. She was forced left, toward adopting some of Bernie’s positions.

I was turned off by Bernie and his gimme generation followers. I think a lot of older voters were turned off and disgusted by the freebie campaign of Bernie Sanders. Boomers have been on this earth too long to think that anyone deserves a free ride, to college, to health care, to anywhere. We went to college and we paid for it, or our parents paid for it, and it was supported by government but there was no expectation that it would be free, that it was a right. Boomers believe you have to work for what you want. The younger generation seems to want it all, now, and they think they deserve it at no cost. In the face of a Democratic party that seems to value the millennial vote more than sound economic policy, I think a lot of older people were pushed to hold their noses and vote Trump.

  1. Boomers Want Trump as Millenial Daddy

The reaction to Trump’s election is like a nation-wide millennial temper tantrum. Not too unlike their reaction to Bernie losing the nomination if you recall the convention tantrum. Millenials think they deserve to have everything their way, including the election, and NOW! Well our Democracy doesn’t work that way so they can march and make signs and make noise and vandalize, but they can’t have the election their way. They’ll have to work for it over the next four years, they have to get off their asses and vote when the next election happens, they have to donate time and money, volunteer, and know what they stand for and why it’s good for the country, not only for themselves.

  1. Boomers Want Monsignor Trump

On the other side of the fence, I see a generation that raised kids without church, and so millennials lack an internal moral code to live by and to guide their decisions and view of the world. The millennial moral code is me, me, me and to hell with everyone else. It is obvious in the way they tune in to their phones and tune out the world, their social ineptitude reflecting lack of empathy, their inability to carry on a conversation with adults. Their helicopter parents made them think that they deserve to be catered to in every moment of every day and it starts in the back seat with the video playing. Entertain me, please me, gimme, gimme, gimme.

  1. Boomers Want John Wayne Trump

The boomers were the me first generation and they raised their kids to as the gimme generation. Baby boomers wanted to get what they wanted when their time at the front of the line came to them, their children think standing in line is annoyingly anachronistic and disrespectful of their entitlement because they deserve to be first, they are owed the fast pass as Disneyland.

Now millennials are out of the house and out of control and boomer parents don’t like it. They need someone to discipline their kids.

It is possible that part of the boomer vote against Bernie’s millennials, the “Occupy crowd”, was a ceding of moral authority they never asserted with their kids. They want Trump to be the strong man, the Cesar, the Gladiator, the John Wayne. Trump will whip these little nose pickers into shape.

Trump will put millenials in the army that he’s going to grow by 70,000. Boomers want Daddy Trump to teach their kids what is important in America discipline, ambition, male dominance. Boomers want Trump to be their kid’s generalissimo, their priest and holy father, he will be their chaplain and father superior.

That is what I thought about as I eyed, and others eyed me, with suspicion the middle-aged people among the crowd. Who are the traitors among us I could hear them thinking? Or maybe I was projecting.

Are my thoughts right or wrong? Am I too harsh on millennials lumping them all into one deplorable socialist basket? Probably.

But if I wasn’t just on an apple fritter hallucination while I walked today, then perhaps Trump’s election makes a little more sense, even if I don’t find it any less unsettling.


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  1. Being of an older generation, I’m viewing this in a rear view mirror, i think the next four years will determine how the Millenials vote in 2000, I hold very little hope of the Boomers changing course, even as Trumps promises of change falls by the wayside. We can only hope that he does not alienate our allies and lead us into another conflict, Ala George Bush.

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