Who’s the Mexican Now?

Only a couple of weeks in advance of the Trump presidency and he’s already stepping all over himself, and us. This week he called out the national security agencies over Russian hacking saying he knows things about hacking they don’t and then never telling anyone what that is, after promising to do so last week. He then got a briefing in which it was reported that the chiefs of the FBI, CIA, and National Security Director showed him the evidence of Russia’s activity. Afterward all he could say was there was no evidence Russian hacking influenced the election.

Trump was wrong, he knew nothing they didn’t know about hacking, made wrong assumptions about his pal Vladimir, and now all he can say is that no electronic voting machine was tampered with. Of course that wasn’t the aim. Putin wanted to tamper with the weak minds of under-educated Americans and of course he got that done with a flourish. He also got one elected.

Trump continues to reveal on Twitter that his tweeting is not some brilliant media ploy by a savant. It is merely the output of a vitriolic adolescent jumping from one tantrum to the next. A spoiled man with zero emotional intelligence. A billionaire with connections he won’t reveal, investments he won’t characterize, and debt he won’t disclose.

If Trump voters are paying attention, and care, Trump earned post election strike one this week too. Trump will now force all U.S. citizens to pay for his big beautiful wall. Guess who the Mexicans are now? Do you have a red hat? You too are paying for a wall, Feliz Navidad Paco Estupido.

I told you so hat
Want to remind Trump voters they made a mistake in terms they’ll understand?

Need a new hat Paco?

The run up to this president’s term has been the most turbulent and troubling in my lifetime. The right wing conservatives Trump selected for cabinet, the generals, the ongoing mudslinging, have been sickening to watch.

Democrats and like-minded independents need to call an end to their pity parties and get to work on 2018. Now is the time to gear up, get busy, find leaders, clear out the garbage and roll up our sleeves. We have an election to win before we lose the country we had.

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