Why Trump and Bernie? Because Progressive Sucks Flo

Dear Flo,

Progressive Insurance Company is screwing my son and his partner out of their car. Their client pulled onto the freeway right in front of my son’s partner causing an accident. The Progressive Insurance Company’s Client was cited for an “unsafe lane change” and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department’s report indicated that his car windows were tinted very dark. Progressive even told me Flo that their client didn’t see my son’s car coming when he pulled onto the freeway because of the dark window tinting. So this guy negligently tinted his windows too dark for safe driving, and he was too lazy to roll down his bloody window to look before he pulled onto the freeway.

But it gets even better Flo. My son’s partner did “nothing improper” according to the Sheriff’s report.

But guess what? Progressive still decided that “nothing improper” means she is 40% to blame for the accident! Ain’t that a peach? And they have the nerve to tell me they aren’t only looking out for the company’s interest in this decision.

Why you might ask would Progressive Insurance Company say she’s 40% to blame? (It was only 20% at first)

That is easy Flo, it is because A) my son allowed his insurance to lapse, and B) because his partner was not injured. That means A) there’s no insurance company lawyers on our side for Progressive to fight with, and B) it means that no lawyer will take on the case against Progressive without a big retainer. My son isn’t rich and neither am I.

So we’re without an advocate and Progressive is empowered to do whatever the hell they think they can get away with. We’re told by Progressive Insurance Company that not only will they not change their assessment of their client’s liability, they don’t even have a process for appealing that decision. Without a lawyer we are at Progressive’s mercy Flo. They’re screwing us and there is nothing we can do about it.

That’s why people are pissed off Flo and that’s why Trump and Bernie are doing better than anyone ever feared. Us little guys are pissed off at being so powerless, at being taken advantage of by corporations, government and their lawyers. If you aren’t a lawyer, or rich enough to buy one, you’re screwed in this country, you are powerless.

We’re screwed unless someone like Bernie or Trump gets elected by all of us, people who are sick and tired of getting the crap kicked out of us every time we turn around. We are tired of the rigged games in this country.

So Flo, maybe you can help get your company to act in a fair and equitable matter. Maybe you can make them care about leaving a young family without a car due to the negligence of their client. Maybe you can talk to the rich and powerful people who hire the lawyers to train the staff to make decisions that screw people out of their cars when they did nothing wrong.

Can you do at least that much Flo? Come on Flo, I’ll even buy you some ice cream with sprinkles if you help us.


Screwed by Progressive Insurance Company in Arizona